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It has been described by a few as a ‘swish Nandos with less on the menu’, but The Chicken Shop is so much more than that. I am a big fan of Nandos, in fact, Im a big fan of chicken, so when my flatmate came home one night and told me a rather swanky looking chicken shop was opening down the road in Tooting I knew it wouldn’t be long before I paid it a visit.

There were four of us that went on a Saturday night at around 6.30pm which seems to be the best time before the mad dinner rush. The Chicken Shop isn’t that big and its very popular so if you do go, be prepared for a wait.

The menu is simple, a choice of quarter, half or full spit-roast chicken and an option of sides including fries, corn on the cob, salad and coleslaw. They also have the option of hot or smoky sauce.

The décor was cool, had a rustic feel to it and there were nice ornamental chickens scattered about. I probably would have stolen one if they weren’t glued down. They saw me coming! The place was dimly lit and the spit roast chicken action was right in the centre of things for all to see. This provided us with a cool atmosphere but perhaps a little too dark; when the food came we could hardly see what we were eating. To be honest though, that didn’t matter (too much).

There are only a few words you can really use to describe good chicken. Succulent, moist, cooked to perfection, delectable and so on. The chicken that was put in front of me was all of the above. I would go as far as saying it was one of the best bits of chicken I have ever eaten and I’ve had my fair share. The chips and coleslaw were also excellent and my bottle of coke came in a glass bottle. Yes, I’m that cool person who gets excited about that sort of thing.


The portion sizes were huge and I left that house of chicken heaven feeling pretty damn happy with myself. My only grievance was that I couldn’t bring myself to try a pudding because I was so stuffed.

I would definitely advise paying the place a visit if you like your chicken, the original is in Kentish Town and the new one, in Tooting.

A few tips for you if you are going to go….

1 – Try and go before the 7pm rush.

2 – Share sides, the portions are big.

3 – Take a torch or some candles.

I also asked my friends who came with me to describe their experience of The Chicken Shop in one word so that’s what I will leave you with.

“Tasty”, “Satisfying” and “Chicken” = The Chicken Shop.


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