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Rate That Roast – The Beard Of Tail, Shoreditch


There are a few golden rules when it comes to a good roast. One of those rules is in relation to pork. If someone orders the pork belly, unless they state otherwise, they absolutely DO want crackling with their pork, especially if they have a northern accent. It’s very important to us northerners!

As you can probably tell from that rant, my roast at The Beard of Tail in Shoreditch came without pork crackling, not a good start. It didn’t get much better after that either. The roast potatoes were cold, the Yorkshire was hard and they served pak choi as one of the vegetables, which was just a little bit odd.

The underwhelming roast was followed by a point saving chocolate brownie and ice cream which sweetened the sour a little bit.


Would I go again? No.

Should you go? No.

That Roast Rating – 3 / 10

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