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Rate That Roast – The Beard Of Tail, Shoreditch


There are a few golden rules when it comes to a good roast. One of those rules is in relation to pork. If someone orders the pork belly, unless they state otherwise, they absolutely DO want crackling with their pork, especially if they have a northern accent. It’s very important to us northerners!

As you can probably tell from that rant, my roast at The Beard of Tail in Shoreditch came without pork crackling, not a good start. It didn’t get much better after that either. The roast potatoes were cold, the Yorkshire was hard and they served pak choi as one of the vegetables, which was just a little bit odd.

The underwhelming roast was followed by a point saving chocolate brownie and ice cream which sweetened the sour a little bit.


Would I go again? No.

Should you go? No.

That Roast Rating – 3 / 10

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Everything is free in the Ziferblat Cafe…except the time


The self-proclaimed “tree-house for grown-ups” or “everyone’s living room­­” ­ Ziferblat Café is indeed a welcoming place. Situated in the centre of all that is hipster, the pay-per minute café can be found on Old Street in Shoreditch. I decided after reading about it online to hold a meeting there and see what all the fuss is about. After buzzing the doorbell and walking up two flights of stairs we were greeted by Jonah, a lovely man wearing an even lovelier jumper. He showed us how the system of the café worked, around the help-yourself kitchen and left us to do our thing amongst the dried hanging flowers and mismatched furniture.

So, how does it work? Well, you grab a clock of your choice from the display when you enter. Ours was a little red one called Audrey. You then grab a slip of paper; write down the clocks name, your name and the time. Everything is then at your disposal; teas, coffee and the free wifi. There’s even a communal table where people can leave stuff they want to share. It was busier than I expected and the atmosphere was cool and definitely that of a ‘bustling creative hub’.

Another great thing is that you can take any food and drink that you want with you, so if you’re trying to save money you could take some lunch along, set up camp and enjoy the unlimited amount of free wifi and hot beverages. Price wise you pay 2p a minute each, so I paid around £3.50 for my freelancing buddy and I to have our hour or so long meeting.


The Ziferblat café is a really novel and cool idea. It fits Shoreditch like a perfectly snug vintage outfit from Brick Lane. Lovely! It’s somewhere to work, possibly meet other freelancers and cool artistic types, not have to spend a fortune on drinks or food and not feel guilty about just hanging around enjoying a nice cold glass of tap water. Something all struggling freelancers should be entitled to enjoy!

If you haven’t been yet, definitely give it a try.

For more info check out the website http://ziferblat.net/ and follow them on Twitter https://twitter.com/ziferblatlondon/ 

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