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Designer Dreaming – Brian Lichtenberg


I think there’s always a part of a girl that enjoys dressing up. Putting on the heels, the lippy and adding a bit of glam! It does feel good. BUT personally, I can be as easily excited by a good pair of jeans, trainers and a casual jumper.

High on my list for casual jumpers is Brian Lichtenberg. The LA-based designer takes well-known brands and phrases, puts his own cheeky spin on them and adds some colour.  I’ve never been a huge fan of slogan tees or jumpers but these are what I would describe as fun, if I was ever going to describe an item of clothing in that way.

See below some of my favourite pieces…

10358451_1825671_1000  Find here

479606_orange_1  Find here

10454911_2289532_1000  Find here


Brian’s collections boast many fans in the fashion and music world including Cara Delevigne, Wiz Khalifa and Rihanna.

Find out more… http://www.brianlichtenberg.com/


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The New Beauty Obsession: Blink Brow Bar


I have had many a threading experience. Some were good. Some were bad. Some were very ugly. Then there was the Blink Brow Bar.

On a ‘feeling flush’ afternoon I decided to spend £17 on getting my eyebrows threaded at the blink bar in Topshop on London’s Oxford Street. This is about £13 more than I would normally pay but as I said, I was feeling rosy.

I am not going to ramble on about the threading of my eyebrows even though I know you’re dying to know about the removal of every tiny hair. I am just going to give you the facts.

Fact 1 – I left with some damn good eyebrows.

Fact 2 – It was worth the £17.

Fact 3 – They got the shape exactly how I wanted.

Fact 4 – The chairs were comfy and pink.

Fact 5 – The brow baroness (you don’t actually have to call her that) was very nice to my eyebrows and gave them a massage, moisturise and a makeover.

Fact 6 – I now go to Blink every time.

To find your local Blink Brow store, see here

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The New Beauty Obsession: Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat Nail Varnish

YOU THERE!!!! Impatient painter of nails….

Do you suffer the urge to move around and touch things shortly after you paint your nails? Yep, me too. It’s that time when we realise just how impatient we really are and how we cannot sit still for 5 minutes.

There have been very few times that I have finished painting my nails and they are completely smudge free, it just doesn’t happen. UNTIL NOW! (drumroll please)

The Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat Nail Varnish is a dream come true and has now become a must have when pampering my hands.


I discovered it after a friend suggested I try some quick drying nail varnish after never being able to not smudge my supposed works of art. I went and had a browse around a Sally’s beauty store and after asking the shop assistant her recommendation she couldn’t rave about it any more.

It’s pretty self-explanatory. You paint your nails as you usually would then apply a topcoat of the Seche varnish and wait for a minute. I waited two just to be sure but that seemed like more than enough time. My nails were smudge free and ready to go. The Seche varnish also made my nails chip resistant and they stayed looking slick for a week (usually mine would chip after a couple of days)

The Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat Nail Varnish can be found in Sally Beauty stores, Boots and bought online from stores including ASOS and Amazon. The prices vary from £9.00 to £13.00. The cheapest and probably the most convenient if like me, you live in London, is Boots: http://www.boots.com/en/Seche-Vite-Dry-Fast-top-coat_1321809/

You can read more about the varnish and other Seche products on their website: http://seche.com/products/product-83005.html


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