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Live Ride at 1Rebel


Recently I have been in an ongoing battle with myself and keeping fit. There’s a part of me who wants to be that girl at the gym, with that wonderful flat stomach, lifting weights and really enjoying it. Then there is the other part of me who wants to be that girl on the sofa, with that wonderful stuffed crust pizza, lifting another slice into her mouth and really enjoying it. When it comes down to it the latter usually wins the fight. Because of this I haven’t been particularly happy with my physical appearance, but there is no woe is me here – this is of my own doing. I came to the conclusion that maybe the gym isn’t for me and I should try other ways to get fit – explore some classes and see what I enjoy.

I have only ever been to one spin class and it was interesting. Spin classes are usually in dark lit rooms, with very loud dance music and an instructor reassuringly shouting at you, all very modern and cool, if a little scary. I did enjoy my only experience so when I discovered 1Rebel I thought I would give it a try. That and they offer a free taster class. I booked myself in for a ‘Live Ride’ on a Monday night.

One of the most annoying things I found about going to the gym is the amount of stuff I had to lug around with me – change of clothes, towel, shower stuff, trainers, drink, locker key, headphones…. In addition to carting my laptop and everything else I need, it’s a real chore. This was one of the first and favourite things I noticed about 1Rebel. Everything you need is there for you and complimentary. Shoes that work specifically with the bikes, towels, a free bottle of water and the lockers don’t need keys or change. I could have gone with just a change of clothing and would have had everything else I needed right there. This is a massive plus point for me.


Once in, changed and on my designated bike a lovely gent came over to make sure I was all settled properly and comfortable. The studio was impressive – modern and stylish, a projection screen and stage in front of me, surrounded by high-tech equipment, club like lighting and of course, a top of the range speaker system.

The workout lasted around 45 minutes and the instructor did all he could to encourage us throughout – even when we were clearly flagging. Not only did we do a set of high intensity bike exercises, dumb bells were provided so that when our legs were having a ‘rest’ we were working on our arms. The variation of this was great and I felt that my whole body was getting attention. From spin sprinting as fast as we could to turning the resistance right up and climbing hills, the instructor kept it interesting and encouraged us to workout in time with the music, which was a combination of house, dance, pop and hip-hop – from remixes of John Legend through to Lady Gaga and even throwing in some Sneakbo, it was a good mix. Oh and the reason they call this session the ‘Live Ride’ is because throughout the whole workout we have Marco on the stage whaling on his saxophone. Yes, that’s right! –  A live saxophonist during a spin class. It was something a little different and entertaining. I never thought I would be spinning along to ‘212’ whilst a saxophonist blares out a solo – Weird yet brilliant.

Overall the experience at 1Rebel was great – as a studio it has everything you need, there is also a gym and a ‘roots and bulbs’ bar serving juices and healthy food. The people gave it that extra charm with everyone being friendly and helpful. The environment is perfect and the workout did exactly what it supposed to – I was dripping with sweat but having a good time!


1Rebel is located near Liverpool Street so perfect for those city workers but they plan to open studios all over London, with their next one arriving in Broadgate. This is the ideal place for time strapped people who need a workout that’s invigorating and offering something different after a busy day.

You can book yourself a free session here http://www.1rebel.co.uk/#classes following that a ride session is £20 each.

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