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Burger & Lobster


When I finally got the opportunity to go to Burger and Lobster, it felt like I was the last one on the boat. Most people I know had been and the hype around it was huge. Despite being renowned for its lengthy waiting times as well as its lobster roll, my lovely friend Stacey and I decided to accept the over an hour wait challenge and go see what all the fuss is about.

A good idea which I think other restaurants should take note of, if you do have a long waiting time for a table, the B&L team take your mobile number and give you a call 5 minutes before its ready. That way you’re not just standing around waiting and can go and grab a drink somewhere close by. Burger and Lobster is in the heart of Soho so there are plenty of options.

When we were shown to our table the menu offering was pretty straight forward. Burger or Lobster all at the same price of £20. You can have you lobster boiled, fried, baked or in a lobster roll. I went for the roll as it was the pinup of the menu. Arriving very sharpish on a tray served with fries, salad and a garlic sauce the delectable lobster roll is chopped lobster with a special sauce served in a brioche bun. It’s difficult to describe just how glorious it was. The combination of the slightly sweet brioche with the fresh lobster was perfection. No faults at all!

We finished up with puddings, of course. I got some chocolate pudding concoction and Stacey got the cheesecake. The puddings were great but if I’m honest, I was still back with the lobster. I could have eaten it all again.


So, should you believe the hype? In a nutshell, yes!

Yes, there are long waiting times and it’s very busy but the lobster more than makes up for it. On my next trip I will be going for the baked lobster. I want to go and try lobster in every way there is to try lobster. I feel you should too! Lobster is excellent.

Also, as a note, the drinks menu is very cool and even includes a list of non-alcoholic cocktails for us non-drinkers.

If you haven’t been yet, go armed with snacks for the long wait and be ready to be rocked by the lobster. (sorry)

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‘APPily Obsessed – TED


I have regular conversations with my younger, not so smaller, brother about apps that we have discovered. This has spawned a little obsession and I would say, on average, I fall in love with a new app about once a month.

This month’s app is that of the TED talks website. If you are not familiar with TED then prepare to have your mind blown. It is an incredible platform for people to share ideas, usually in the form of a short and powerful talk at a TED conference. These conferences are recorded and the videos are placed online for anyone and everyone to view, for free. It’s one of the greatest things that has happened to anyone ever.

The TED app is an extension of their website; where you can watch talks, download them for offline use, star your favourite talk and of course share with your social networks. The reason why I am so obsessed with the app is because I can download talks to watch whilst I’m on the tube, at the gym or just when I’m in the need for some great entertainment. I like to think that having my mind opened to learning something amazing for fifteen minutes is better than playing The Sims… right?

If you don’t know about TED then download the app and prepare to be in awe. If you do already know about TED then fill your boots with as many awesome talks as possible as often as you wish.

Download the app here…

I have also left you with one of my all-time favourite TED talks. Enjoy!

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Designer Dreaming – Brian Lichtenberg


I think there’s always a part of a girl that enjoys dressing up. Putting on the heels, the lippy and adding a bit of glam! It does feel good. BUT personally, I can be as easily excited by a good pair of jeans, trainers and a casual jumper.

High on my list for casual jumpers is Brian Lichtenberg. The LA-based designer takes well-known brands and phrases, puts his own cheeky spin on them and adds some colour.  I’ve never been a huge fan of slogan tees or jumpers but these are what I would describe as fun, if I was ever going to describe an item of clothing in that way.

See below some of my favourite pieces…

10358451_1825671_1000  Find here

479606_orange_1  Find here

10454911_2289532_1000  Find here


Brian’s collections boast many fans in the fashion and music world including Cara Delevigne, Wiz Khalifa and Rihanna.

Find out more…


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