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It has been described by a few as a ‘swish Nandos with less on the menu’, but The Chicken Shop is so much more than that. I am a big fan of Nandos, in fact, Im a big fan of chicken, so when my flatmate came home one night and told me a rather swanky looking chicken shop was opening down the road in Tooting I knew it wouldn’t be long before I paid it a visit.

There were four of us that went on a Saturday night at around 6.30pm which seems to be the best time before the mad dinner rush. The Chicken Shop isn’t that big and its very popular so if you do go, be prepared for a wait.

The menu is simple, a choice of quarter, half or full spit-roast chicken and an option of sides including fries, corn on the cob, salad and coleslaw. They also have the option of hot or smoky sauce.

The décor was cool, had a rustic feel to it and there were nice ornamental chickens scattered about. I probably would have stolen one if they weren’t glued down. They saw me coming! The place was dimly lit and the spit roast chicken action was right in the centre of things for all to see. This provided us with a cool atmosphere but perhaps a little too dark; when the food came we could hardly see what we were eating. To be honest though, that didn’t matter (too much).

There are only a few words you can really use to describe good chicken. Succulent, moist, cooked to perfection, delectable and so on. The chicken that was put in front of me was all of the above. I would go as far as saying it was one of the best bits of chicken I have ever eaten and I’ve had my fair share. The chips and coleslaw were also excellent and my bottle of coke came in a glass bottle. Yes, I’m that cool person who gets excited about that sort of thing.


The portion sizes were huge and I left that house of chicken heaven feeling pretty damn happy with myself. My only grievance was that I couldn’t bring myself to try a pudding because I was so stuffed.

I would definitely advise paying the place a visit if you like your chicken, the original is in Kentish Town and the new one, in Tooting.

A few tips for you if you are going to go….

1 – Try and go before the 7pm rush.

2 – Share sides, the portions are big.

3 – Take a torch or some candles.

I also asked my friends who came with me to describe their experience of The Chicken Shop in one word so that’s what I will leave you with.

“Tasty”, “Satisfying” and “Chicken” = The Chicken Shop.

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Obsessed Right Now: Music

You know those songs that you have on that playlist that you play over and over again? Well, this is my version. Some new, some old, most amazing. Hope you enjoy!

Joey Bada$$ – My Yout (remix) feating Maverick Sabre

This tune just screams Summer. The beat is so feel good. I’ve had this one on repeat for a few months now.

Bring Me The Horizon – Can You Feel My Heart.

This was a great album of last year and this track is one of my favourites off the album.

Danny Brown – Clean Up.

I’m pretty obsessed with Danny Brown right now. His ‘Old’ album took a while to grow on me but once it did, that was it. This track has been on repeat for the last couple of months and Im not tired of it yet. No video for it but it doesn’t need it. Just listen….

Pharrell Williams – Happy.

How can anyone not like this song? It makes me want to dance with random strangers on the tube. Pharrell, my man, you’ve done it again!

Chloe Howl – How Proud.

Chloe Howl is one of those new artists tipped for big things in 2014 and I hope it happens for her. I’m loving this track!

Flume – Insane featuring Moon Holiday.

This has been another new discovery for me and is a growing love. I have a feeling Flume will be an artist I listen to a lot in 2014.

Indiana – Mess Around

I don’t know much about Indiana, I only know about this song but ‘Mess Around’ is an excellent introduction.

Sam Smith – Nirvana

He’s won the Critics choice Brit and the BBC Sound of 2014 so looking set for a huge year. I’m not sure I am that excited by Sam Smith but this song is pretty amazing so maybe he’ll surprise me.


I heard this song on the radio, I shazam’d it and that’s where the love affair started. I haven’t looked back. I’m looking forward to discovering more.

The National – This Is The Last Time. 

I am very late to the party when it comes to The National and I cannot believe it has taken me this long. This song pulls at every heart string. Its beautiful. It uplifts and destroys me all at the same time.

Sampha – Too Much

I fall in love with music a lot and I am totally in love with Sampha’s voice.

Katy Perry – Unconditionally. 

This is just pop music at it’s best. Play it loud and sing your heart out!

Banks – Waiting Game. 

Yet another tipped for big things this year. Banks is another that I have fallen in love with.

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Flat Out Obsessed

There are just too many luscious loafers and stunning slippers out there right now. Plus with the rumours flying around that flats are the new going out shoes I am very happy to put the stilts away for a  few months and float my feet around in some of these dream boats. I’ve shared a few of my favourites.


These beautiful Christian Louboutin bow-detailed velvet slippers are impeccable, a little pricey and more than I can afford right now but a girl can dream, right? £495.00 from Net-A-Porter


Everyone needs a pair of blue suede shoes. Well, I do and these ones from Dune are nice and bright. They are currently on sale, £47.00 from ASOS


I have always been a fan of studs and think they can give any outfit an edge. These all over studded slippers are really affordable at £12.00 and available from

image1xxl (1)

At the right time and with the right outfit, a patent shoe can look very cool. I love these one from Bobbies La Demoiselle. They are also currently half price, £57.50, from ASOS.

290245901 (1)

These Cinderella inspired slippers are the runner up when it comes to my favourite out of the bunch. They are also in the sale, £9.00 from New Look. (excuse the small pic)


Now these are the winner. Velvet, cushioned, an owl, Marc Jacobs. I love all of these things. These are the ultimate for me and yes, they are pricey and more than I can afford but I couldn’t not feature them. Look at them! They are the winner. £245.00 from Net-A-Porter

With all of the above and more as options I am more than happy to be my short self in flats and swap glamour for comfort.

What flats are you wearing at the moment? Share with me so I can go and drool over some more options. Thanks for reading!



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