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The New Beauty Obsession: Blink Brow Bar


I have had many a threading experience. Some were good. Some were bad. Some were very ugly. Then there was the Blink Brow Bar.

On a ‘feeling flush’ afternoon I decided to spend £17 on getting my eyebrows threaded at the blink bar in Topshop on London’s Oxford Street. This is about £13 more than I would normally pay but as I said, I was feeling rosy.

I am not going to ramble on about the threading of my eyebrows even though I know you’re dying to know about the removal of every tiny hair. I am just going to give you the facts.

Fact 1 – I left with some damn good eyebrows.

Fact 2 – It was worth the £17.

Fact 3 – They got the shape exactly how I wanted.

Fact 4 – The chairs were comfy and pink.

Fact 5 – The brow baroness (you don’t actually have to call her that) was very nice to my eyebrows and gave them a massage, moisturise and a makeover.

Fact 6 – I now go to Blink every time.

To find your local Blink Brow store, see here

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The New Food Obsession: Banana Tree


I have been meaning to write about the brilliant Banana Tree restaurant for some time now; it is very quickly becoming one of my favourite places to eat in London.

Introduced to the Indochinese restaurant by the second worst date of my life so far, the food was pretty much the only good thing about the whole evening, just as well really since he wanted to stay for three courses and talk to me about his whirlwind career in online poker. Yes, it was as thrilling as it sounds. Thankfully that evening sparked my long-lasting love affair with Banana Tree.

Since that eventful first trip I have frequented the eatery on numerous occasions and NEVER been let down by the food, even if I have been by the company.

The menu is so full of tasty treats that I struggle not to order everything and now, being somewhat a self-proclaimed connoisseur of ‘the tree’, I have my darlings that I will always go to and the ones that I consider to be the best bananas on the menu.

On my last visit, I opted for something that I had never had before as a starter, the Street Style Crispy Dough, which came with an incredible Kajang Satay sauce. Other favourites on the starter menu include the spring rolls, satay chicken and dumplings.


When it comes to the main event, I have two dishes that I find it hard not to go back to, and I take great delight in repeatedly cheating on one with the other. The first love is the crispy chicken with mango and sweet lime sauce. It is exactly what it says is, its crispy, sweet yet fresh and not overpowering. My second love is the string tied braised pork belly with green coconut juice. The pork falls apart like it has been stewed to perfection and the sauce is the sort you sort of want to drink from the bowl afterwards. No? Just me?


For desert I always go for the same thing because a) it is pancakes and they are my favourite. b ) it involves nuts and coconut and they are my favourites. c) the pancakes are bright green. That is everything anyone should ever want or need from a dessert.


Another thing that is worth mentioning, especially for people who don’t drink alcohol or love a good fresh juice, their raw juices are to die for. My favourite is the passion fruit mix.

Of course, ‘the tree’ has lots of other delightful things on the menu. They have a few in London spread around so definitely one to bear in mind for an awful date or an excellent dinner.

Check out the site here for more details


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