The New Music Obsession: Louis M^ttrs


You may have heard Louis M^ttrs vocals on the recent Chase & Status track ‘Lost & Not Found’. The MTA signing has so much more to offer then guest vocals, which I realised after downloading his ‘Beachy Head’ E.P.  The release features just four songs and one of them is a remix but that was more then enough to get me hooked. I have had those three songs on repeat for the last two weeks and Im not yet tired of playing them.

Over the past year or so there have been quite a few male vocal artists that have struck a chord with me, especially so with the slow electronic or RnB vibes. Artists like The Weeknd, Jamie Woon, To Be Frank, James Blake, Frank Ocean and so on have all been heavily featured on my ‘loving right now’ playlist and Louis M^ttrs is the most recent addition.

If it sounds like your sort of thing then I strongly advise that you download his Beachy Head E.P., immediately. It will probably be in my favourite releases of 2014 list. You can get it here

Below is the short film like video for War With Heaven, which is also pretty damn magnificent.

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