The New Music Obsession: Angel Haze

There are quite a few female rappers around right now that are doing well for themselves; Azaelia, Iggy, Nicki. The ladies are very much holding their own in a male dominated scene.

Like a lot of rap music, the great bars and beats the females are presenting don’t always offer real substance. I don’t mind their tracks, I will dance to them in a club and there’s no denying that they do things well, but would I go and buy a whole album? Probably not. Then there is Angel Haze….


I first heard Angel Haze on the track ‘New York’, which showed the female rapper paying homage to where she grew up. The track was good. The beat was strong. Haze‘s flow was right up my street. At this point though, she could have fitted into that category with Azaelia and the rest of them. Yeah I could listen, but the true substance wasn’t there for me yet.

It was when I heard Haze bare her soul and let us into her dark, personal world that she really grabbed my attention. On her mixtape ‘Classick’, Haze did a version of Eminem’s ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’, which took us to a brutally honest, uncomfortable place. She revealed a childhood of sexual abuse and what it took for her to be still alive and standing where she is now. Not only is it hard-hitting, but it also shows her talent as a lyricist, writer and music artist. The passion felt on that track could hit the calmest of nerves.

After hearing ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’, I had to download the full New York EP. The six track release features another favourite of mine ‘Werkin’ Girls’, as well as ‘Chi, Supreme’ and two remixes of ‘New York’.

Haze‘s most recent offering ‘Echelon (Its My Way),’ doesn’t go as deep and personal as we know she’s capable of, but still holds her up high above a lot of other rappers in the current hip-hop world.


What sets Angel Haze apart from others at the moment is that there is definitely more to come. This is a girl who has something worth saying. Not on all of her tracks, mind – we obviously need some club bangers – BUT the substance is very much there and very much real!

I’m really excited about her debut ‘Dirty Gold’, which is due out later this year. To keep myself and other supporters satisfied, Haze is dropping a freestyle every single day for 30 days. So far she has put lyrics over Jay Z’s ‘Tom Ford’, Kanye’s ‘Black Skinhead’and Drakes ‘Worst Behaviour’ to name but a few. Her latest is over Macklemore’s ‘Same Love’ where she opens up about her sexuality.


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